Green transformation of the global economy through social entrepreneurship which can be a catalyst for achieving a sustainable circular economy and establishing a social circular economy in the communities.


Support to CSOs, entrepreneurs, institutions and communities for establishing "green" criteria and practical implementation of social entrepreneurship in project management, business processes of enterprises, structures of organizations and institutions and contributing to increasing the social and "green" social responsibility of all citizens.


- exchange of ideas for green social entrepreneurship

- exchange of ideas on the degree of engagement in the city and what should be done to raise awareness about climate change and what is needed should be done to stop the ecological crisis

- exchange of resources in terms of knowledge and capacity of organizations and membership for project formation with practical and concrete application

- regular communication at least once a month or not less than two months with regular online debates and discussions, information, lectures, specific proposals for applying for projects with grant schemes

- contacting international organizations and involving the network entities in a joint exchange formation and in that sense deepening partnerships with external networks

- support for the organization of events of calibre at conferences, workshops, trainings, etc. for our organization, but also for organizations further that are our partners in the discipline in which we operate - initiatives in the general public through the media, initiatives for the professional public in the discipline